About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website! Please, do come in. Can I take your jacket? Would you like some tea? A beer? Some home-brew wine? No, I don't blame you, it's pretty tart stuff. Beer it is! Please, make yourself at home. And invite your friends. There's more than enough room.

Let's see, what can I tell you about myself without putting either one of us to sleep...

Oops, sorry. I dozed off there for a second. Let's see, how about something like this?

I am a retired1 professional2 and long-time writer3 pursuing the ultimate experience of self-discovery4. I am also trying to get my novel published, and this is a blatant attempt to raise my online profile and gain some semblance of a social network that I can pretend would turn into willing purchasers of said book. I'll be pointing my (to-date fictitious) potential editors/publishers here so they can see my published works and get a sense of my current style/usefulness.

Please feel free to snoop about. My blog posts usually appear on my homepage, unless the feed stops working as it does randomly. You can peruse the articles I've had published, check out some sites I think are funsign my guestbook, or email me. I do enjoy the fine craft of letter writing, so if you write me a good one I promise I will return the favour.

As the point of this, or part of it anyway, is to eventually sell my novel, I will put up some information on it soon. Check back! For now, please show your random support by taking my survey.

2corporate drone
4still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.