Mar 8, 2010

Life As A Human Article: Adventures in Snacking

How many jalapenos does one girl need?

To answer that question, let me take you back a few weeks. I was invited along to the movies by my friend Bev and her daughter, Aubrey. We buy our tickets, and then this conversation takes place:

Aubrey: Ohmygod, have you ever had jalapenos on popcorn?
Me: What?
Aubrey: It's sooo good.
Me: Nasty!
Aubrey: Awesome!
Aubrey: You have to try it.
Aubrey: They're over here!
Bev: You can try some of mine...

Aubrey raided the condiment section of the snack bar and piled pickled jalapenos on top of her buttery bag of popcorn. Then Bev did the same.

As we walked away I heard a bored employee mutter Finally, something to do, as he moved to refill the decimated hot pepper supply...[ more]

Photo CreditPopcorn Whoosh © Art Inspirations on Flickr

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