Mar 26, 2010

Life As A Human Article: The Accidental Squatters

This is one of the many things I love about the west coast of Canada. We’re really not part of Canada at all. We pretend. We’re all Hockey!And Eh! and Yeah, winter TOTALLY SUCKS! With the snow…and the cold…BURR! But the rest of Canada, you should know something. We’re faking. We’re lying to your face. And my proof is that last weekend Andrea and I were lounging on a beach with our shoes and socks off. And not only were we too warm, but we got a little sun burnt.
I think so far in 2010 we’ve gotten about ten minutes of snow. March is actually a very confusing month for us, because we often look out the window and think THERE’S A BLIZZARD! But no, wait. It’s just the cherry blossoms playing in the warm breeze. PHEW!...[ more]

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