Feb 6, 2010

My First Life As A Human Article!

I'm very excited to say that my first article for the fabulous new website Life As A Human has been posted! Hurray!

Below is an excerpt. I would be very much obliged if you would do me the honours of going to the LAAH site, reading it, and posting a comment to make me look super popular and cool. It doesn't have to be a nice one. Take this as an opportunity to say what you've always wanted to. You know, stuff like, "Hey, you! Stop being so awesome, you dork!" Or whatever comes to mind.

Click here for the full article!

And tell your friends!

Inspiration Comes from the Darkest Places

I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little kid. I'm sure a big part of that can be attributed to the women in my young life. To my mom, for telling me tales that featured my stuffies as the fearless protagonists. Softina the rabbit and Bluey the blue bear, Lightning the giraffe, and even my sister’s Licky Licky Pink Teddy Bear all frolicked together happily in my bedtime stories. And to my Granny, for reading fairy tales with me, using a ruler to underline the sentence we were on so I wouldn't get confused.

I can even probably thank my two older sisters, because they were reading big kid books and, dammit, if they could do it so could I. Nothing can inspire you so much as some friendly sibling competition.

All this no doubt helped to turn me into a prolific reader. But there was someone very special who nudged me over the line from reader to writer.

Her name? [...read more]

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