Feb 11, 2010

LAAH Article: Arachnids and Winter Phenomena

My second article for Life As A Human! Enjoy this excerpt. Please check it out in full by visiting the mother ship. And comment comment comment!

Arachnids and Winter Phenomena

Being the Queen of the Procrasti-Nation (Get it? Ha, I slay me!), this morning I found myself with four articles to write and very little time to write them in.

"Enough is enough!" I said to myself, and I sat down at my desk, determined to get them done and out of my way so I could concentrate on my true passion: watching The Office reruns and drinking coffee.

Just as I'm getting settled and ready to write, what do I see? A spider, crawling around on the other side of my bedroom window curtain. Intruder
!... [...read more]

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