Feb 24, 2010

It's Like Eating A Hug

My friend Brian from Halifax is in Vancouver, busy working at the Surrey venue for the Olympics. Hi Brian!

I haven't seen him in something like 8 years (which is crazy and makes me feel old, but that's beside the point). So I hopped on a ferry and braved the Olympic crowds to see him.

After an afternoon of wandering around in the glorious February sun on the non-Olympic side of town, we started looking for food. Specifically sushi. (In fact, when I asked Brian what he wanted to do, his two requests were sushi and big trees). We had to walk a surprisingly long distance of 4 blocks to find a restaurant, unheard of in Vancouver.

This place, whose name I helpfully forgot to look at, is somewhere on West 4th. And it very possibly serves the Best. Sushi. Ever.

On top of the Love Boat, which we just had to order on name alone, they had a supplementary menu that just listed weird and unusual rolls. We tried:

  • The Black Roll - made with what I guessed to be thai purple rice.
  • Cheese Bug - with a fair amount of cream cheese along with other more traditional fillings
  • Sushi Cake - basically sushi but layered in cake format and cut into cute wedges.

We ate ourselves silly, and I think the rest of the evening was spent replaying the meal, bite by bite. Remember when we tried...., then I ate the...., ohmygod I nearly died when I tasted....

As my sister Angie summed it up, it was like eating a hug.

And if you don't let your mind take you to the image of eating a person giving you a hug, all cannibal style, it's actually quite a lovely and accurate analogy. 


Sadako said...

Eating a hug? Awww. This post makes me want to eat sushi!

Cheryl said...

You should post pictures next time.
Must see this Sushi cake.
Sounds weird. But sort of interesting.

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