Feb 24, 2010

It's Like Eating A Hug

My friend Brian from Halifax is in Vancouver, busy working at the Surrey venue for the Olympics. Hi Brian!

I haven't seen him in something like 8 years (which is crazy and makes me feel old, but that's beside the point). So I hopped on a ferry and braved the Olympic crowds to see him.

After an afternoon of wandering around in the glorious February sun on the non-Olympic side of town, we started looking for food. Specifically sushi. (In fact, when I asked Brian what he wanted to do, his two requests were sushi and big trees). We had to walk a surprisingly long distance of 4 blocks to find a restaurant, unheard of in Vancouver.

This place, whose name I helpfully forgot to look at, is somewhere on West 4th. And it very possibly serves the Best. Sushi. Ever.

On top of the Love Boat, which we just had to order on name alone, they had a supplementary menu that just listed weird and unusual rolls. We tried:

  • The Black Roll - made with what I guessed to be thai purple rice.
  • Cheese Bug - with a fair amount of cream cheese along with other more traditional fillings
  • Sushi Cake - basically sushi but layered in cake format and cut into cute wedges.

We ate ourselves silly, and I think the rest of the evening was spent replaying the meal, bite by bite. Remember when we tried...., then I ate the...., ohmygod I nearly died when I tasted....

As my sister Angie summed it up, it was like eating a hug.

And if you don't let your mind take you to the image of eating a person giving you a hug, all cannibal style, it's actually quite a lovely and accurate analogy. 

Feb 23, 2010

Olympic Gold Medals for Everyone!

Every two years, during the media build up to the Olympics, I sigh and grumble and complain. That? Again? Didn't we JUST have one, like two years ago?

And every two years I find myself glued to the TV for 14 days, spellbound and dumbstruck with what some people are able to do with their bodies. On purpose. They do this stuff ON PURPOSE.


The next time someone calls me crazy for liking to drive 16 hours a day all by myself I'm going to say, Have you even seen Skeleton? Head first down a glacier slide? And that's IOC sanctioned! [...read more]

Feb 20, 2010

LAAH Article: Why My MacBook is Better Than A Boyfriend

Another excerpt of a Life As A Human article for your enjoyment.

I recently treated myself to a new MacBook. Hey, I’m an unemployed, single gal currently "staying" with her mom, with two beater vehicles that are constantly trying to one-up each other on their creative repair needs. Why shouldn't I be dropping a thousand dollars on a shiny toy I don't really need?

It’s only been a few weeks, and I don't want to get ahead of myself. But so far this is the BEST RELATIONSHIP OF MY LIFE! [...read more]

Feb 17, 2010

Pump Up The Dork

Another Life As A Human article for your (hopeful) enjoyment!

Pump Up The Dork

A few nights ago I was hanging out with a friend. You know how it goes: some good food, a lot of wine, you're laughing, you're sharing, and BOOM! Someone thinks of a YouTube video that you just have to see right now. Something really poignant and relevant to what you’re talking about, and it'll only take a second.

So you watch it, and you laugh. And the computer's right there. So then you say, While you're here, I should show you... [...read more]

Feb 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's day I have a new Life As A Human article for your enjoyment :)

To Me, With Love

I'm not against romantic relationships in theory. I just don't think it’s the be-all and end-all to life. The few relationships I've found myself in have all left me feeling…well…not quite me. Like I'm giving up or ignoring something fundamental. Something I can't put my finger on, but I just know is missing...[...read more]

Feb 11, 2010

LAAH Article: Arachnids and Winter Phenomena

My second article for Life As A Human! Enjoy this excerpt. Please check it out in full by visiting the mother ship. And comment comment comment!

Arachnids and Winter Phenomena

Being the Queen of the Procrasti-Nation (Get it? Ha, I slay me!), this morning I found myself with four articles to write and very little time to write them in.

"Enough is enough!" I said to myself, and I sat down at my desk, determined to get them done and out of my way so I could concentrate on my true passion: watching The Office reruns and drinking coffee.

Just as I'm getting settled and ready to write, what do I see? A spider, crawling around on the other side of my bedroom window curtain. Intruder
!... [...read more]

Feb 6, 2010

My First Life As A Human Article!

I'm very excited to say that my first article for the fabulous new website Life As A Human has been posted! Hurray!

Below is an excerpt. I would be very much obliged if you would do me the honours of going to the LAAH site, reading it, and posting a comment to make me look super popular and cool. It doesn't have to be a nice one. Take this as an opportunity to say what you've always wanted to. You know, stuff like, "Hey, you! Stop being so awesome, you dork!" Or whatever comes to mind.

Click here for the full article!

And tell your friends!

Inspiration Comes from the Darkest Places

I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little kid. I'm sure a big part of that can be attributed to the women in my young life. To my mom, for telling me tales that featured my stuffies as the fearless protagonists. Softina the rabbit and Bluey the blue bear, Lightning the giraffe, and even my sister’s Licky Licky Pink Teddy Bear all frolicked together happily in my bedtime stories. And to my Granny, for reading fairy tales with me, using a ruler to underline the sentence we were on so I wouldn't get confused.

I can even probably thank my two older sisters, because they were reading big kid books and, dammit, if they could do it so could I. Nothing can inspire you so much as some friendly sibling competition.

All this no doubt helped to turn me into a prolific reader. But there was someone very special who nudged me over the line from reader to writer.

Her name? [...read more]

Feb 4, 2010

Welcome to Life As A Human! (and the passing off of a friend...)

I've been neglecting my bloggerly duties. So sorry! Though, if anything this re-affirms my belief that I shouldn't have children. If I can't even keep a blog alive, how could I possibly be responsible for a tiny little being with actual physical needs?

My excuse for not posting for the last few weeks is that I've been working for this brand-shiny new bloggers website, Life As A Human!

It launched Feb 1st, and already it's getting a lot of attention. We have over 30 authors writing about all sorts of great stuff. You should check it out.

My first article for LAAH is coming out in a few days. Yippee!

Of course, good cannot exist in the world without bad. So to counter-balance the goodness and wonder that is Life As A Human, I got some terrible news last week.

Drew is sick.

Drew has been a very special part of my life. You may remember my excellent piece where I detail my complicated and passionate relationship with him: Drew and Me.

It all started one fair day in May almost four years ago. My cousin Andrew called me up and offered to introduce us. He's not much to look at, but he's cheap and reliable.

Andrew, you had me at cheap.

We met, and have barely been apart since.

Sure, he's had his problems. The lights don't work all the time. The window doesn't roll down. The stereo is possessed. Then there was that whole "needing a new engine" thing. But in the end we'd sort it out, and our relationship would be the stronger for it.

It got to the point that at family gatherings someone would say How's Drew? and Andrew would say I'm good. And the response would be, Not you. I was asking about Sarah's car.

Yes, he really was one of the family.

Last week, I took him to the mechanic for an oil change. Half an hour later I get a call. The news was not good. To sum up, if I drove him I risked a wheel breaking off and rolling away. And I wouldn't be able to stop, because of the whole "brakes not really working" thing.

Drew, I love you. I do. But no guy - mechanical or otherwise - is worth $1500 to fix.

Our breakup was swift. I removed my CD's, flashlight and axe, then drove him gingerly to Andrew's (the human), who graciously accepted him back. My pain will be his project.

But enough about me and my heartache. Go check out Life As A Human.