Nov 22, 2009

The Manipulative Powers of IGoogle (Why I'm in Southern California)

As mentioned previously, I originally came to the States to visit a friend in Portland. I'd been in Vancouver helping my sister move, and figured a day's drive to Oregon would be fun. I could hang out in a cool city for a week, then head home.

That was my plan. Honest.

I blame Google for what really happened.

See, I have IGoogle set to my homepage, with a handy little weather widget front and centre. Every day I'd look at it and see days and days of rain for Victoria. Nothing surprising there. Pretty much every winter I've ever had on the west coast has been months of rain with periods of more rain and a chance of rain.

Then my mom emails me and is all Look at the weather Ted's (family friend) is having in California. I should have deleted that email and never spoken of it again. But instead I stupidly added Valencia to my IGoogle weather widget. Suddenly, whenever I look at the weather for home, I also see this:

It was getting time to leave my friend. But suddenly I felt like I had two directions I could possibly take. North to rain. South to sun.

It seemed impulsive and maybe a little immature to just take off to California without any real reason other than to avoid rain for a few days. But then, I was already in Oregon. Already 5 hours away from home. It would be a waste to just turn around now. I've always wanted to drive around California. I'd have to come back all this way next time. Might as well keep going now and get it over with.

Decisions, decisions.

In my typical avoid-making-any-commitments-right-now kind of way I thought I'd just go a little further and see how I feel. So a week ago I bid farewell to Portland and took the scenic route to Ashland, in the very south of Oregon. There I found a cute Whistler-esque (but way cooler and with all local shops - none of that chain shopping crap Whistler has become) town in its off season. I had a lovely old hostel practically all to myself and enough bookshops and coffee houses to keep me occupied for days. So for days I stayed, over-caffeinating my system and putting off any decision-making until tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, IGoogle steadily and quietly tormented and tempted me every time I logged on.

Fine! IGoogle, I am no match for your guile. You are the worthier opponent. I bend to your will.

Which explains why I'm almost 2000km from home, lying in the sun drinking beer and eating salad bar take out and playing with my computer. While you're doing...what? Getting ready for work tomorrow? Oh, poor muffin!

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