Oct 19, 2009

Puppy Love

 Many people seem to think I'm not a dog person. This will come out at the strangest of times. Like I'll be sitting in a conference room at work waiting for the meeting to begin, and randomly someone would turn to me and say You're not a dog person, are you? Or I'll be out walking with friends, and out of the blue, same thing. You don't really like dogs?

It took me a while to figure out where these statements were coming from. I think it was because in the meeting room a coworker will be talking about a new puppy and I don't immediately start shedding tears of joy and wonder at his little bundle of cuteness and love. Or out on that walk we'll pass a few dogs and I'm not jumping up and down, clapping my hands and scream-whispering DOGS! SO CUTE MY HEART HURTS!

Listen up. Just because I don't go all crazy and  squeal like a pig in a slaughterhouse, doesn't mean I don't like dogs. Or babies or cute guys, for that matter. It just means I'm not insane. Like everyone else on the planet, apparently.

So when my friends Kortni and Chris asked me to dog-sit for them, I was happy to do it. Happy. And it wasn't because they have a big livingroom table that's perfect for setting up a sewing machine. It wasn't because of their movie selection, or their ample liquor supply. It was because, wait for it....I LIKE DOGS (and Kortni and Chris).

And when Kortni was all Are you going to blog about the dogs because that would be really cool if you did but no pressure but my mom will be checking every day to see if you did and you can use pictures and whatever you want, I was all Sure! I would love to have your dogs on my blog. Because I like dogs. So there.

Now I'm going to introduce you to the dogs. And share information about them to prove that I know them.

This is Riley. He currently has his chin on my knee, and I can't tell if it's because he loves me, or if he wants my toast. Or both. He likes to gnaw on a rubber bone that makes the most awful sound, like nails on a chalkboard in hell. When I come home he leaps out into the garden and runs around in a figure eight for a few minutes, then won't come inside unless I stand over him with my hands on my hips. Then he runs into the house and chews that damn evil bone. Kortni said that I'd get used to the sound eventually. Day 12 and I'm still waiting.

Meet Zera. She likes to sleep with a green blanket and is allergic to chicken. When I come home she sneezes about twenty times. I think this is just how she expresses joy. She has boundary issues, and is often too close for comfort. She enjoys rubbing her nose against my butt while I'm standing, and nose-bunting me in the boob when I'm sitting. She is currently glaring at me from her bed because I'm patting Riley.

See, I've been caring for two dogs for almost two weeks, and not only are they both still alive, they are healthy and happy, and aren't peeing on my bed or shredding my shoes, which I think means they like me. And other than being perma-covered in dog hair and the constant ear-bleeding from that damn rubber bone, I like them too. I may even write more about them, including little anecdotes how they were particularly cute this one time, and what happened when we encountered that squirrel in the rain.

So there, world.


Kortni said...

So much laughter!!! Oh Sarah you rock. Thanks for the blog and the laughs, AWESOME. I knew to check your blog site as soon as we got home today because my Mom told me that you had written about the puppies. :)

I think the dogs are funny, and that you are funny... but when you write about them it's more than funny + funny = funnier... it's... well it's more than that!

I can't wait to hear about what happened when you guys encountered that squirrel in the rain, whether it's via blog or over dinner and drinks... thanks for looking after our house and puppies, we're very grateful!!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you a great story about Riley. He loves to puke, then eat the puke, then breath in your face. Then repeat.

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