Sep 23, 2009

Consumer Warning: This Blog May Contain Material That Is Hazardous To Your Brain

I've had ones and ones of people (equaling two) coming up to me in the streets (not really) asking, pleading, BEGGING for me to update my blog more often (hi Granny!). You are so fascinating and wonderful, they cry. Please, please write more and fill us in on all of the fabulous details of your life. We love you! We miss you!

To be honest, I didn't think you all could handle the awesomeness that is my current existence. It's pretty fast paced and full of trendy, sexy hi-jinx. You would likely not believe me, or if you did it would blow your mind. Literally. Your brain might explode.

So think about it. Is being privy to the minute details of my life worth the risk of your brain exploding? Think hard, as it may be your last chance to think about anything. Ever.

If you decide you must know, then tune into my next post.

You have been warned.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly anything that you post on this blog is something you don't mind your Granny reading. Therefore: bring it on.

But if you spell high jinks incorrectly again I shall never read another word. Unless your life is full of some kind of trendy, sexy bad luck charm at a significant height.

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