Sep 3, 2009

Adventures in House Sitting Part 6: The Saga Ends in Trauma

I'm aware that I'm turning into a crazy cat lady. I've only been around these two darlings for 11 days and already I talk about them all the time. It's bad enough when people talk about their babies non-stop, but at least with that I get why. They created the baby from nothing, from food they digested and cells their body donated. Sure, it was more of a passive creation, but still, it's cool and weird and life altering and what else will a new parent have to talk about?

But cats? That you bought or found or are temporarily caring for? It's just sad to yammer on about them.

Speaking of, Pickle was so funny the other day. My dad came over with Brodie, his ever-so-gentle aged border collie. Pickle was skulking through the front yard, saw Brodie, and immediately went into rigor mortis. I didn't think that was possible for living beings. Arched back, fur straight up, head to the side. mouth frozen in a silent hiss. Brodie was just hanging out, doing his best to ignore this new chew toy because we told him to "stay", so "stay" he must. Pickle really didn't have anything to worry about, and could have safely bolted at any time. But no, she stayed frozen like a fool for a good few minutes while we laughed at her.

"Look," dad said. "We've made a Halloween cat." Pickle sure did look like something you'd cut out of orange construction paper and magnet onto your fridge.

Then we were in the kitchen and Other Cat came in, saw the dog, and torpedoed himself out of the cat door. I had to feed him outside, and he was not happy about it.

"Do not take that picture!" his glare said to me. "Do not take - she took the picture. I can't believe it! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, post it on that stupid blog of yours!"

It's a good thing David and Kate are home now. I'm hopeful that I'll have more diverse selection of topics to write about. For now I need to say a private goodbye. Pickle, Other Cat, I will always cherish the short time we had together. Adieu.

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