Aug 18, 2009

Now what?

Life Checklist:
  • Quit job - check
  • Quit apartment - check
  • Leave continent - check
  • Come home - check
  • Decide the rest of future - pending...
When I was playing in the corporate world, no one ever asked me what my plans were. Ever. Perhaps it was assumed that I didn't need any? My plans were to maintain the status quo? I had already achieved my plans and now got to live plan-free?

As soon as I quit my job interest was suddenly peaked in my planning capabilities. Every conversation started with, "What are you going to do?" Of course, I had an answer to that one. An answer that seemed to impress most people.

"I'm going to Ecuador!"
"Take lots of pictures!"
"Send postcards!"
"Look us up when you get back!"

Now I'm back. And I'm looking people up. And they're all saying the same thing. "Now what?" And if I hesitate for even a moment, they answer for me.

"You should go camping!"
"You should go North!"
"You should go South!"
"Go on a road trip!"
"I just saw Bottle Shock. You should go pick grapes in California!"
"Use the time wisely! Go back to school!"
"Use the time frivolously! Travel the world!"
"Go to Antarctica! It'll disappear soon."
"Go to Mongolia!"
"Go to the moon!" (Okay, I made this last one up. But the rest are real.)

It's great to have friends and family that are so enthusiastic in their support for my new, lackadaisical approach to life. But I'm starting to feel that my resolution to leave corporate living is creating some expectations that will be difficult to live up to. It's like I've escaped from a maximum security prison and all the other inmates are screaming "Forget about us! Run! Head for the hills! Do it for us!" It's hard to tell them that while I'm glad to be out of my cell and on the other side of the electric fence, for now I'm pretty happy frolicking in the surrounding meadows with the bunnies and flowers. I don't feel the need to be scheming and planning and packing for a grand adventure. For now I'm just enjoying life day by day, without having to worry about rent or visa payments or screwing up so majorly at work that it causes other people to lose their jobs (not that I did that, but I could have).

Yes, I realize this is not a strategy that can be sustained long term. It's all fine and dandy to frolic in a meadow in the summer, but come winter when the flowers are dead and the bunnies have been eaten by my dad, I'll be needing a shelter of my own, and possibly some nuts to nibble on and - oh, screw it, this metaphor is getting silly.

Currently, my plan looks something like this:
  1. Find key to my bike lock, or possibly purchase a new one
  2. Find someone to help fix car window (it keeps falling into the door)
  3. Find annatto seeds and attempt Robert Rodriguez's puerco pibil recipe
Future updates as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I still think you should have gone to Antartica - it will be gone soon, just read yesterday's news and you will see.

Matt said...

@anonymous: Haven't you read Whiteout (soon to be a major motion picture), there's no laws in Antartica... you can get murdered just like that!

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