Jun 16, 2009

Who is this "karma" fellow, and why did he show up now?

I was bumming about my apartment this morning, kicking boxes instead of packing them, when the phone rang. It was Francis, the guy that is stealing my fantastic apartment from me. He was downstairs and was wondering if I wanted to sell him any furniture. Great, I thought, I might get some money, and not have to move heavy junk. So I let him in.

He wasn't too impressed with my furnishings. I can't blame him. It's all (and I mean ALL) stuff that I either got for free from family garages or bought off of usedvictoria.com. No price is too cheap! But Francis decided he would take my rug (which I bought for $20) and my bookshelf (which my dad gave me for free). He asked what I thought they were worth, and I said maybe $30. I meant for the two together. But he repeated "30 dollars each? Okay." And proceeded to write me a cheque for 60 bucks.

Now, I can justify not saying anything to correct him until the cows come home. And they never come home. They don't call, they don't write, they rarely twitter...

I mean, maybe Francis is just the worst bargainer, ever. You're supposed to argue the price down, buddy. Not up. But hey, he thinks it's a fair price. In fact, he's writing the cheque so fast he probably thinks it's a steal. And it's not like I can't use the money. That whole unemployed thing doesn't really pay well. Sure, he mentioned his going into a masters program and is getting married, both of which don't pay well either. But he set a price, I accepted it...Okay, feel free to comment on if I failed some kind of ethical test.

Karma certainly seemed to think so.

After he left I hopped in my car and drove to Pacific Union to abuse their wireless internet. See, when I stopped working for the corporation, the corporation stopped paying for my home internet. Jerks. Two hours later I remembered I'd parked at an hour meter. Sure enough, my municipal government left me a bill for 40 bucks. Listen, Karma, I don't believe in you, so just leave me alone. Okay?

If Francis's cheque bounces, I'm not cleaning the toilet before I move out. I'm just saying.


girlamongstboys said...

Now you just need to write like this every time and you are a winner. I will twit you tomorrow. That will bring them in = droves.

Gil Namur said...

Well .. I'd say that Mr. Karma was in your court. You'd be 10:00 down if not for the good sale. Instead, your 20.00 up and I would hazzard a guess that if he had offered you 20.00 you likley woud have taken it.

Great blog Sarah! Love your writing :-)
Thanks for the plug too!

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