Jun 17, 2009

Things unemployment have taught me so far

It's been a whole two and a half weeks of living on the skid, and let me tell you, it'll toughen a girl up. Work had it's perks. The pay cheques, those were nice. There's no free juice in a conveniently located cooler for me. If I want juice, I have to go to the store and buy it. With money. Plus there was that whole social thing that just kind of happened with the 100+ people that found themselves in the same office as me day after day.

But life on the skid has it's own perks. It's called education. The school of hard knocks. Here are a few of the lessons I've learned in the last seventeen days.

1) Packing sucks.

2) I'm apparently incredibly lazy. I always thought I didn't get stuff done because if I wasn't working, I was tired from working. Nope. I just don't do things.

3) I am 99% less likely to go to the gym if it's not in the same building as my work or home.

4) Costco is pretty slow at 11am.

5) Just because you have all day to spend in a coffee shop does not mean the staff particularly want you there. In their prime window seat. Using their hydro to power your computer.

6) Learning how to create a website is a fantastic way to procrastinate. Days go by without you even noticing.

7) It is a terrible idea to cancel your internet at the same time that you suddenly have all day, every day, free. (see #5)

8) Just because your coffee maker can make up to 8 cups does not mean you should make 8 cups and drink it all by yourself.

9) An entire series of True Blood can be watched in a day and a half.

10) No, seriously. Packing really, really sucks.

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